Asset Disposition is another word that makes different people think different things.  A good many IT departments that we work with are surprised to find out that the equipment they’ve decommissioned is still valuable.

For that reason, we ask this question every day, “What do you do with your decommissioned hardware?” We hear one of these answers more often than not: 1.) Recycle It, 2.) Donate It, 3.) Keep it in storage, or 4.) Throw it in the dumpster.  Please avoid number four!

How can we help?

If you’re willing to send us a list of your decommissioned equipment, we are willing to spend the time to provide you with an offer for the equipment you’re not using anymore.

Our offers are based on two things:

  1. Market Value of the Equipment and
  2. Market Demand.

Sometimes the equipment is simply not worth the cost of shipping, but a good portion of the time our customers are pleasantly surprised to find out what the equipment is still worth.  Either way, we are more than happy to help you make sure that you steward your IT dollars well.

Please remember that we have to put an extensive amount of work into testing and refurbishing the equipment once it arrives at our facility.  We pay for shipping and if you don’t have the expertise to pack it we will assist you.